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Farm Club

Farm Club

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Campovida Farm Club: Become a member of our Farm Club and embark on a culinary journey that expands your appreciation of exceptional flavors and delights your senses! This quarterly subscription includes our estate-grown extra virgin olive oil, local raw wildflower honey, and a rotation of other seasonal goodies from our farm, delivered right to your door

*PLEASE NOTE: By making this purchase you are committing to a year of Farm Club membership. The price listed above reflects the cost of one shipment. You will be charged this amount four times per year (March/June/September/November). The cost of each shipment may vary between $50-70 due to seasonal product rotation. Here is what that might include:

  • Estate-Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A versatile staple to any kitchen with rich and distinctive taste that elevates any dish. 
  • Estate-Grown Chili Oil: This seasonal oil offers a perfect balance of heat and flavor to add a little spice to your culinary journey. 
  • Local Raw Wildflower Honey: With delicate floral notes of wildflowers to robust richness, each jar captures the essence of our diverse landscape (and heart!).
  • Lavender Linen Spray: Transform your home into a tranquil oasis by spraying on pillows, linens or rooms to create a soothing ambiance. 
  • Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub: Pamper yourself with our luxurious organic sugar scrub enriched with estate harvested lavender. 

Note: availability of seasonal goodies may vary depending on the time of year and the harvest.